Photo taken near Tumbarumba, NSW. Black Angus cows walking towards camera with green grass background.

Age Pregenant heifers: between 24-32 months at time of calving.
Open heifers: 6-12 months
Pedigree registered.
Beef production

Angus History

The first roots of the Angus breed cattle / livestock ( Aberdeen Angus) can be found in the earliest in 18th centrury as the black coloured and polled beefbreed in the region of North East Scotland.
The first Angus Herdbooks “The Herdbook” (1862) and ” The Society” (1879), gives information about the 1st innovative group official Angus breeders and farmers.

The Herdbook tells the story of Mr Hugh Watson:
Mr Hugh Watson started in 1808 breeding black local breed of excellent quality and character. He could be considered as the founder of the Angus breed. He gathered stock from everywhere, but recognized as polled animals with black colour and of high quality.
Mr Watson had a favorite Angus breed bull named: Old Jock, born in 1842 and sired by Grey-Breasted Jock. Old Jock got Nr 1. in the Scotch Herdbook when it was founded. Also his best An-gus Cow: Old Granny, born in 1824 , produced 29 calves and lived for 35 years.
The bloodlines of both Angus bull Old Jock and Angus cow Old Granny, we still see in todays An-gus herds everywhere in the world.

Another pioneer in the history of the Angus family:
Mr William McCombie took over the farm of Tillyfour in Aberdeenshire in 1924 , and founded a herd of Keillor blood. He became well known for his excellent breeding structure and belonged organized documentation. The Angus cattle / livestock quality he breeded became highly reputat-ed in England and France.

The Angus cattle / livestock have a black or red colour. Named Black Angus or Red Angus. Just a little white part can appear on the udder. Angus cattle / livestock calve easy, are naturally polled and have a strong bodystructure including hooves and legs.
The Angus cattle / livestock adapts easy all climates and all farming conditions to extreme warm and cold weather. Countries with high humidity, insects and illnesses are much better taken by the Angus breed as other breeds. An Angus heifer has the naturally genes, that she has an early ma-turity and regulary fertility. Angus cows have a longivity, so with an age of 10 years old, and produ-cing calves is no exclusivity.
Angus cattle / livestock is well known about their excellent feed conversion. They produce natural marbling for soft and tender meat. A research shows: compared with other beef breeds; that Angus cross calves have the lowest birth weights, grow similar in the feedlot, but has finished for slaugh-tering as the earliest and produced the beef with the most marbling.
After exportingAngus cattle / livestock to elsewere in the world, the Angus cattle / livestock be-came an international grazing beef breed, they are the dominant beef breed in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Russia, Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Australia.