Service: 5_star


Quality: 5_star


Price: 5_star


Communication: 5_star

Why did you choose for Firma Schaap?
We choose for Firma Schaap because you gave us the best offer and your company have good references in Turkey so we could make our decision.

What would you improve at Firma Schaap?
In our opinion, you need to improve your website ( for only English version ) as it doesn’t give the customers detailed information about your company.

The only thing we got from the website is your contact details.We are very satisfied with the animals, but we couldn’t know how good you are, if we did not do business with you! Websites are like bridges between companies and their customers.

Why would you do business again with Firma Schaap?
The reason why we should do business again with Firma Schaap, is that you were so helpful and professional that we could choose good quality heifers! That has been a good reference for us.